FFS – Stigma Isn’t Sexy

FFS – Stigma Isn’t Sexy

By Keith Reynolds | Jan 24 2017
Illustration of title "FFS Stigma Isn't Sexy"

Using stereotypes to dismiss entire groups of people is insulting and stigmatizing, yet so many gay guys are doing it when they’re using online dating or hook-up apps. Often labelled “preferences” the guys who use this language aren’t just excluding others. It might seem harmless to dress this discrimination up in a number of ways, like using different types of food to describe people, but it’s racist (or transphobic, femmephobic, etc.) and insulting.

We must acknowledge that these “preferences” arise from a system which is creates and perpetuates discrimination. We are a part of that system and we need to stop and examine where we can stop racism, ableism, transphobia, body shaming, and femmephobia.

The guys at Edmonton Men’s Health Collective wanted to talk about the stigma and discrimination in online dating apps like tinder and grindr. Take a look at the video that they’ve created.

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