By Keith Reynolds | Mar 6 2017

OurGenerations is an arts-based project that explores what life was like 30 years ago for 30 older gay men (and some women) from Toronto. Over the past year, passionate youth volunteers at OurSpace have been hearing stories from the community and capturing them through audio recordings and photographs.

OurSpace┬áhopes that OurGenerations will inspire young gay, bi, and queer men to talk about their own struggles with age and identity, and to honour older folks who have helped shape the present-day community. Each of the 30 videos deals with different topics, from experiences of homophobia, racism, transphobia, and loss to love, hope, optimism, and family. Please take a moment to watch these people share a piece of their┬álives. All of the videos are available online now at OurSpace’s YouTube page.

OurSpace is a Toronto-based collective of youth leaders who create innovative spaces for young cis and trans guys who like guys to come together, learn from each other, discuss social issues, and have fun!

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